Books | The Magnolia Story

I have been really inspired by Joanna and Chip Gaines lately. I actually didn’t know much about them until the end of last year. A friend from church gave me a subscription to their magazine—and that got me hooked. I had heard of their show, but not having access to HGTV, I hadn’t really seen it […]

Thankfulness & Design

I know that thankfulness is under-practiced in my life. Anyone with me here? “Be thankful” is one of those little phrases like “be happy”, “be kind”, “be loving”… that’s far easier to say than to actually be. How often do we sit in a state of Thanksgiving? I mean, really? I know that I find […]

The Ampersand

Do you know what an ampersand is? This is an ampersand: & A few weeks ago my family gave me blank looks when I said that I had just read an article about ampersands. When I showed a “&” to them, they knew exactly what it was— the “and” symbol, of course. Somewhere along the […]

Fall Mood Board

Anyone else excited about fall?! It’s been fall for a little while now, but the weather hasn’t really been acting like it so I have been feeling kind of teased. But on those cooler mornings—it hits me, and I can hardly resist Pumpkin Spice anything. So, to celebrate the season, I decided to put together a mood board. (yay!) […]

It’s Not About the Camera

As the wife of a photographer/videographer, I get a front row seat to some of the hard work that goes into photography and video. (Sometimes I even get to help out by holding a reflector! 🙂 ) “Photography is not about the cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers.  A camera didn’t make a great picture […]

Adbibo Coffee Company

Adbibo Coffee Company is my favorite coffee and tea shop in the Midlothian area. They are the perfect spot to sit and work while sipping a fresh brew. They offer high-quality organic coffee and tea.  Their coffee is honestly the best I have tasted. Their tea selection is very large and unique. The first few times I came, it […]

A Different Kind of Canvas

Most people agree that it is good to stretch your mind and skills by trying new things. If you’re an artist, sometimes that can mean doing a different form of art or working in a new medium. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to paint on a new type of canvas—a cake! I was honored by […]